Benefits of Membership

  1. In accordance with our mission of providing high quality education to its members, the Rochester Chapter provides over 75 hours of educational programming annually. Your membership allows you notification of these opportunities and, in most cases, to attend these seminars at a discounted rate. Seminars are offered on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, managed care, performance improvement, reimbursement, legal and tax issues, patient accounting, long term care trends and issues, professional development, healthcare reform, home health care, physician practice management, etc.
  2. All of these seminars and other functions provide numerous networking opportunities with the Chapter's 280 members and other healthcare industry representatives who participate.
  3. Continuing education credits are available for all CPA members who participate and for licensed nursing home administrators in certain cases.
  4. The Chapter has 9 committees that meet regularly and provide opportunities for networking with professionals with similar interests. The committees also give you resources to discuss common problems or issues.
  5. The Chapter sponsors three social events each year, a spring athletic event, a summer golf outing, and a winter hockey night at the Amerks, which are always well attended. These provide additional networking opportunities.
  6. The Chapter newsletter, Perspectives, is an award winning publication that provides you with up-to-date information about industry events and keeps you informed of chapter activities.
  7. The Chapter offers the opportunity to develop your personal and professional leadership skills through service as a program speaker, mentor, committee member, committee chair, board member, or officer.
  8. The membership directory provides names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, organization, and position of over 230 members of the local healthcare community, as well as National resources, who can be of assistance to you in your own professional development and business networking.
  9. Membership in the Chapter affords members the opportunity to have access to representatives from Blue Cross, Preferred Care, Medicare, HCFA, NYS Department of Health, and many other insurance carriers and agencies. These can help keep you up-to-date with current initiatives of these organizations and provides an avenue for questions, answers, and issue resolution.
  10. Local membership provides access to National HFMA resources such as Healthcare Financial Management (HFM), the monthly magazine for healthcare professionals, and Fax-It, a new service that provides information on certification, education, seminars, and other topics of interest.
  11. Membership and an e-mail address allow members to receive "HFMA Express News". This is a weekly publication which highlights current healthcare news and events around the Nation. In addition to the summary of the week's happenings, it includes names, addresses and telephone numbers of people to contact if you need further information about the subject. It is a valuable source of information.