Welcome to the Rochester Regional Chapter Website  

President’s Message

Welcome to Rochester HFMA 2018 – 2019! I wanted to start out with an introduction of the chapter officers for the year:

Karl Hagen, President – Karl is Director of Finance with Lifespan of Greater Rochester, Inc.  Prior to his current position, Karl worked for The Bonadio Group as a Principle Auditor and Vice President of Finance at Finger Lakes Health.  As President, my primary role is to ensure that the Rochester Regional Chapter meets the goals established by HFMA National.  My goal for 2018-19 is to provide educational content and networking opportunities that provide real value to each of our Chapter's members.




Jon Miller, President-Elect – Jon is a Partner at the Bonadio Group where he has worked since 2002. As our President-Elect, Jon is responsible for managing the various sponsors that our chapter is fortunate to have partner with us, assisting with educational events, and assisting the President execute the strategic vision of the Chapter, as set forth by the Board.



Ryan McGinnis, Vice President – Ryan is the Manager of Decision Support and Cost Accounting at Rochester Regional Health. As Vice President, Ryan serves as our Program Chair, planning the Fall Institute, and overseeing the education committee, that's tasked with meeting the chapter's education goals, set by HFMA National.


Tracy Gibson, Secretary - Tracy is the Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager at Rochester Regional Health, where she has worked since 1997. As Secretary this year, Tracy handles the recording of minutes for meetings, serves as co-chair to the Education Committee, and will plan the spring Current Events session.



Cassie Fields, Treasurer – Cassie is a Senior Accountant at Rochester Regional Health, where she has worked since 2009.  As Treasurer, Cassie is responsible for receiving and disbursing chapter funds, maintaining chapter financial records, and submitting financial reports required by the chapter board and HFMA National.


Our National Chair this year for HFMA is Kevin Brennan from Geisinger in Danville, PA. Every year the Chair picks a theme to provide focus for education and drive the entire organization in a cohesive direction. Kevin's theme for this year is Imagine Tomorrow. "This vision represents health care’s greatest challenges and opportunities. I hope that folks are confident, hopeful, and optimistic, believing that we can all do more by working together and using the innovative spirit of America to design a system of care that provides greater access, delivers more reliable best practices, and does it in a way that is more affordable,” Brennan says. “Improving health care long term will require hard work and team collaboration,” Brennan says. “The innovations that HFMA members envision for their organizations should be shared and tested with internal and external teams. In doing so, together, we can make health care better for ourselves, our organizations, and for our communities.”

The real key to the Rochester Chapter is our members – those that volunteer their time on the committees, participate in sessions, run programs in the background, help at the various community and social events, and bring that passion for their field to our Chapter. All of you are what drives our Chapter officers to make sure we bring value back to you every year! A sincere thank you does not seem to be enough to recognize all that you do for your fellow Chapter professionals!

If you are not one of our many volunteers already, I invite you to join / participate / contribute whatever and however you can. Opportunities are plentiful and there are no minimal requirements, please reach out to myself or any of the officers above for more information! Whatever you can offer is sincerely valued and appreciated.

Additionally, I would like to personally thank all of our wonderful and generous Corporate Sponsors, without whom the education events would not be possible!!! Not only do many of them sponsor the Chapter, but they attend the events, often speak and host various education sessions and participate in most of our Committees. Without their passion and continued advocacy for our field and our Chapter, we would not have the great support that allows us to do what we do in HFMA!

The Rochester Chapter leadership team has already begun planning a great slate of events to provide quality education, membership development, community service, and social programs. We look forward to a great year of value driven education, enjoyable social events, and enhanced community engagement.