Founders Award Point System

The Founders Award Point System is determined as follows:

  • The maximum number of points members can earn during one fiscal year is 40.
  • Members earning over the maximum of 40 points cannot carry these points forward.
  • Points earned by members during the current fiscal year are reported to National HFMA before August 10, by local chapters.
  • Points are then entered into the National HFMA database, award recipients are identified and National HFMA notifies chapter presidents of award recipients.
  • Members points are transferred automatically from one chapter to another.
  • Retroactive scoring of points for all categories is permissible if appropriate documentation is presented.
  • Records may be corrected at any time.
  • No points can be earned for:
    • Services for terms of office of less than one-half of a chapter's fiscal year for any category.
    • Chapter participation prior to HFMA membership.

Although HFMA National and the Chapters track most member points, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual member to report points earned to the Chapter's Founders Contact, who serves as a liaison to HFMA National.

  Point Value
Student Member 1
Regular Member 2
Advanced Member 3
National or Chapter Life Member 4
Fellow or CHFP Status 6
CHFP Status 3
Retired Member 1
Forum 2
Meeting Attendance  
  1 Day or Less 1
  2 Days 2
  3 Days 3
ANI Attendance 4
HFMA Self Study Program Completion 2
Program Participation 5
Formal Panel Presentation 2
Type A Committee  
  Chairperson 12
  Co-Chairperson 6
Type B Committee Chairperson 5
Member - Type A Committee 5
Member - Type B Committee 3
Director 10
Chapter Advisory Council 3
Literary Contributions - HFM, or similar scope 5
  Article for Perspectives, Patient Accounts or Notes from National 2
  Published Book, Guide or Manual 10
  Book Review for HFM 1
  Manuscript or Self-Study Review 3
Fellow/CHFP Exam Questions - Three 1
Chapter President 25
Chapter President Elect 20
Chapter Secretary 15
Chapter Treasurer 12
National Chairperson 30
National Secretary/Treasurer 20
National Director 12
Chapter Liaison Representative (CLR) 10
CLR- Elect 5
CAT Consultant 10
Standing Policy Committee 12
Appointed Member of National Advisory Council (NAC) 5
Member of Other National Committee 3

Note: Type A committees are active committees that meet frequently or on a regular basis. Type B committees meet infrequently and may only meet once or twice during the year.