Founders Merit Award Series

Rochester Regional Founders Award Recipients

HFMA depends on our volunteers. Each year thousands of individual members contribute their time, efforts, and talents to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and other members. The Founders Merit Award Series was created as a way for HFMA to recognize these contributions and thank you for your involvement.

Active participation in your local chapter and in National activities pays off in the quantity and quality of services provided to members of the Association. It also returns to you the satisfaction of getting a job done and making a difference.

Get involved! With your participation, HFMA is a rich resource for professional development, information networking, and advocacy. You can make a difference.

Description of the Series

The Founders Merit Award Series was launched in 1960 with the William G. Follmer Award (now the Follmer Bronze), created to recognize individual HFMA members for their meritorious services at the chapter level. The Robert H. Reeves and Frederick T. Muncie Awards (now the Reeves Silver and the Muncie Gold) were developed during the next nine years to recognize increasing levels of chapter service, In 1986, a fourth level award, the Founders Medal of Honor, was added.

The first three awards are part of a merit rating plan in which specific chapter activities are assigned a range of point values. In 1986, additional activities at the National level were included in this rating system. The Follmer Bronze Award is earned when the number of points earned by a member reaches 100. The next two awards, the Reeves Silver and Muncie Gold, are awarded at subsequent 100 point levels.

The fourth award, the Founders Medal of Honor, is not based on the point system, but is conferred by nomination of the Chapter Board of Directors. To be eligible, a member must have a minimum of three years of service since earning the Muncie Gold, have provided significant service at the chapter and/or National level in at least two of those years, and currently be a member in good standing.