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HFMA Membership

HFMA is an organization whose value to members is proven daily through a variety of resources and opportunities. We strive to bring perspective and clarity to this industry's complex issues. Through our programs, publications and partnerships we work to enhance capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but the organizations from which our members come.

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HFMA Membership Surveys

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Chapter-added Value

  • Access to high quality, practical education programs and workshops.  Past programming topics include:
    • Government & third-party reimbursement,
    • Health & Policy issues,
    • Personal & Professional Development,
    • Revenue Cycle,
    • HIPAA & Compliance,
    • Financial & Legal updates.
  • National Speakers.  Past speakers include:
    • Lance Secretan, Personal Motivation and Inspiration,
    • Bruce Vladick, former Medicare Director,
    • Gail Wilensky, former Medicare Director and Medicare Payment Advisory Commission Chair,
    • Regina Herzlinger, Harvard Business School Chair and noted author on Consumer-Driven Healthcare.
  • Significant education program discounts:
    • $40 discount of full-day institute registration fees.
    • Significant discounts off all other programs-many at no cost.
  • Networking opportunities:
    • Educational and social events provide opportunities to network with the Chapter’s 250+ members.
    • HFMA: Its Personal:  Fellow members become friends who share information and solutions.
    • Chapter social events include:
      • Annual Golf Tournament
      • Family Red Wings Baseball Night
      • Family Ice Skating Party
      • Euchre Tournaments
  • Access to Information:
    • Significant National Resources, including a weekly industry update via e-mail.  Click on the National Link below for many other National resources.
    • Membership resources. 
  • Leadership Development Opportunities.  Volunteering and participation leads to Chapter, Regional and National Leadership Opportunities:
    • Committee Chair or Co-Chair opportunities, leading to…
    • Chapter Director opportunities, leading to…
    • Chapter Officer opportunities, leading to…
    • Regional Committees and Leadership opportunities, leading to…
    • National Committees and Leadership opportunities, leading to…
    • National Chair opportunities.